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" In the heart of the Monferrato Casalese area, within the frame of green hills cultivated with vineyards, the landscape is dominated by the Cascina Narzo, surrounded by renowned vineyards, the source of the outstanding wines typical of the Monferrato area.

Wines of a very high quality, enhanced not only by factors such as the climate, the land, the kind of vine, but also by the constant effort made by he who follows with passion every step in the cycle – from vine pruning to wine bottling. An effort made with no fear by he who firmly believes in his own products searching for top quality levels.

Quality stems from the vineyard and it is enhanced in the cellar with wines full of passion and life, witnessing the generous motherland  that produces the winter shoots, turns the grape must into wine, the delicious nectar that becomes the protagonist of the happiest moments in man’s life, capable of passing on feelings and emotions."





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